Where has it gone?!

As part of our redesign of the layout of content on the site we have made some changes and re jigged where certain content is accessible from. The Lessons page is now broader and more wide-ranging, no longer featuring content solely for the Edexcel exam board, but general knowledge on economics accessible to all.

The previous edexcel focused content is now available on the Revision Resources page, whereby each Unit has a narrow and focused curriculum in order to pass the edexcel exams.

We hope you find our Lessons page more accessible and easier to navigate and learn from!

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We’re back!

After a busy summer of exams, I’m back to working on the site! Over the next few months I’ll be busy writing new articles for the Blog, adding material to the site (Business Economics, Globalisation and Maths Notes) along with a whole re-design of the site to take the focus off the Edexcel specification (this will still be available, along with some other exam board specifications in the Revision Resource section) and have a broader economic focus for anyone interested in the subject!

Check back soon for more updates.
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