Everyday Economics – ‘As seen on TV’

Why do firms label their products to say they have been advertised on TV when this information may seem irrelevant and doesn’t appear to convey a message to the consumer about the quality or function of the good? Well in fact, such a practise, does convey a message to consumers. At least about the quality. Read more about Everyday Economics – ‘As seen on TV’[…]

Everyday Economics

Economics is universal and surrounds our daily life, in practise it can be used to answer a wide range of questions that arise from daily life. No, this introduction isn’t a response to a University Interview question asking what economics is, but instead is an introduction to a new feature we are introducing – Everyday Read more about Everyday Economics[…]

Privatisation – Good or Bad?

Privatisation (also known as denationalisation) is a policy undertaken by a government, whereby an industry owned by the government (thus the nation) is placed into the hands of the private sector. This is often done through an Initial Public Offering on a stock market, but could be also done through a sale to a single Read more about Privatisation – Good or Bad?[…]