An Introduction to Post-Keynesianism

I recently attended a 3 day Post-Keynesian Study Group (PKSG) workshop at Kingston University, and here is some of what I learnt on the course. I am sure this will spawn many other research interests, leading to future blog articles on some of the theory discussed. Day 1 The course was to be split up Read more about An Introduction to Post-Keynesianism[…]

Why is Osborne adamant on a budget surplus?

I’ve just finished reading Malcolm Sawyer’s take on budgets surpluses (Malcolm Sawyer – Budget 2015 The budget surplus – see image for his basic objections) which leads be to write the following post, questioning whether budget surpluses are as positive as Osborne would have the public believe. A government’s fiscal situation and that of an individual, or Read more about Why is Osborne adamant on a budget surplus?[…]

The Economic Implications of a Greek Default

A lot of media attention has recently been focusing on the potential for a Greek default and exit from the Eurozone, and last Tuesday night Greece failed to repay its IMF loan, becoming the first developed country to default with the IMF. Last Sunday Greece also imposed capital controls to prevent capital flight from occurring. Capital flight Read more about The Economic Implications of a Greek Default[…]