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Studying Economics A-Level with Edexcel
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Microeconomics content is coming soon. Meanwhile check out the Revision Resources page for micro theories. If you are studying for the Edexcel A-Level in Economics then you can check out our material.
Provides definitions of key terms for macroeconomics  
A Brief Explanation on how to Differentiate, including the Chain Rule and Implicit Differentiation
Statistics (needs finishing)
Basic statistic problems and solutions 
The table values for the Binomial Distribution 
Poisson Distribution (needs finishing)
How to model, find averages and variance, hypothesis testing and finding probabilities under a Poisson distribution.  
The table values for the Poisson Distribution  
How to find the output level to maximise profits when a firm is conducting 3rd Degree Price Discrimination 
How bonds and the bond market work 
The 6 stages of Society according to Karl Marx 
The Boston Matrix explaining Product Portfolio Analysis 
What it is and how it works 
Motivation techniques and the hierarchy of needs as stated by Maslow

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