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Positive and Normative Statements

A Normative statement is a valued judgement. It is an opinion which usually contains the words “ought”, or “should”. An example is ‘The government should reduce taxes to encourage growth’. This is because this is someone’s opinion and it can’t be backed up, it also contains the word “should”.

A Positive statement is one which can be tested, a number or fact is usually present which can be supported or refuted. An example of this is ‘By reducing taxes we would see an increase in GDP of the country’. This can be tested by seeing the effects of taxes on GDP, and could be considered a fact. It doesn’t matter whether or not it is correct or incorrect as long as it can be supported or refuted it is a positive statement.


1. Football is boring!

2. If the minimum wage were raised then we would see a greater increase in the number of jobs.

3. The government ought to be focusing on growing the economy, and not be undertaking recessionary policies.

4. The Bank of England should remain an independent body and be free of political meddling.

5. The European Union will see very low growth in the short term along with high unemployment.



Page last updated on 20/10/13