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Welcome to LearnEconomicsOnline.com; this site aims to teach anyone the basic principles of Economics. We also have a selection of lessons which follow the Edexcel Specification for AS/A2 Economics which can be found on the Revision Resources page. The site can be used by anyone (student or otherwise) for any exam board (or just for fun). The site will be updated with new materials and lessons regularly, and feel free to discuss any issues or queries you may have on our Blog!

To begin click here to view the lessons; Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. We have tried to put all the relevant material for one topic and to link pages so you can find out more about each concept without having to read every page, however it may be advisable to visit the Site Index to ensure that you learn all about the topic as it may be spread over several pages. You can also access our tools which include a calculator as well as economic calculators to work out the PED, YED and XED of goods.
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