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Here is a list of our Economic Articles (starting from the most recent):

Staff Casualisation and Student Satisfaction

Price Discrimination and Social Welfare

Adaptive Investment Effect: Evidence from Chinese Provinces

Why do we need to work

What is Social Ontology and Why Should Economists Care?

Negative Interest Rates and the Zero Lower Bound

The Relationship Between Debt and Growth

GDP Data Revisions

The Colonial Origins of Comparative Development: A Summary

Economic Growth – Where does it come from?

Marshallian Industrial Districts and the Rise of the Internet

Brief: Cannibalisation

Strategic Pricing

What is the WACC?

Quantitative Easing

Bourgeoisie Capitalism

Cognitive Biases


Paul Mason’s Post-Capitalism

Post-Keynesianism Part II

What is hysteresis?

An Introduction to Post-Keynesianism

Why is Osborne adamant on a budget surplus?

The Economic Implications of a Greek Default

Was OPEC’s price increase inflationary or deflationary?

What is a Cobb-Douglas Function?

Yap and the Stone Currency Rai


Expansionary Fiscal Contraction Hypothesis

Why worry about having a low domestic exchange rate?

US Default

Maths with Price Elasticity

Privatisation – Good or Bad?

Tax Avoidance

Why is Competition Good?

Big Mac Index

Limitations of the Concentration Ratio

Marginal Costs

Why Average Revenue is the same as the Demand Curve

Limit Pricing

The Transmission Mechanism

Methods to Spot Collusion

Why does the UK Government have such low interest rates on its debt?

The Importance of Confidence in the Economy

Discuss Whether a Concentrated Economy is Necessarily Anti-Competitive

Commuters or Pensioners?

Are Large or Small Companies More Successful?

Can Addiction be Rational?

Evaluate Macroeconomic Policies Which may be used to Reduce the Level of Unemployment in the UK

Discuss the View that the Internet is Making Markets that are Nearer to the Model of Perfect Competition

Japan’s Lost Decade

US Debt Crisis

Specialisation and Division of Labour

Extended Property Rights

The Costs and Distributional Effects of Unemployment

Case Study: Kraft’s Hostile Acquisition of Cadbury’s

A Brief Analysis of the EU Debt Crisis

Why Tesco’s is Launching a Price War

Price Discrimination: Motorway Service Stations

Why Does the NHS Continue to Look After Old People?

Everyday Economics


As Seen on TV

Why are Consumer Prices Generally Higher in Urban Areas than in Rural Areas?

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